Helpful Tips

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  • Be aware that traffic may come at you from the opposite direction to that in the UK. Also, traffic in area is not required to stop at pedestrian crossings.

  • It is generally agreed that it is best to change your sterling to lira in Marmaris. Take about £50 worth of lira with you to tide you over for the first night/day or so.

  • Take English pounds. Scottish ones can be changed but often a poorer rate is obtained.

  • Many bars, shops and restaurants will accept Pounds in payment. In fact many will display their prices in Pounds. However, be aware that you may not be getting a good exchange in these places. Especially if the rate is fluctuating. If it is a large purchase ask for the price in both currencies and work out which is to your advantage.

  • To make a call back to UK, simply dial 0044 before dialling the full number, without  the first zero. If you want to call UK from your hotel room or apartment, this is the most expensive option. Public phone boxes are much cheaper, also in post offices you can back home cheap.

Care in the sun advices;

Try to avoid being in direct sunlight around the middle of the day. Build up the time you spend in the sun gradually. Apply high-factor sunscreen and re-apply frequently. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water.