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Diving points and tours in Marmaris

Diving lessons are given by licensed divers on these tours. There are 52 diving points around Marmaris which is one of the important regions of Turkey from the point of diving tourism.


Sarı Mehmet Promontory: The promontory and its bay which is between Turunç and İçmeler, is a beautiful diving point for diving lessons and experienced divers. It has a rocky structure of 5 to 21 m in depth.



Goat Island Lighthouse: It is the promontory where the lighthouse is located when sailing out to the open sea from Marmaris. The diving point starts from 8-10m, descending to 38m, pleasurable to the experienced diver.


Ince Burun Lighthouse: is located at side of the Yıldız Island facing Marmaris Bay. Underwater sight is poor compared to open sea diving points. Ranging between 3m to 38m, this place has a real tropical sea view.


Hayıtlı Burun: Located opposite to the Goat Island Lighthouse at the exit of Marmaris. Named as a Reef by the divers, it is an easy point for boats to drop anchor.


Abdi Reis Bay: Located at the open sea side of Yıldız Island. It is a beautiful diving point named Aquarium by the divers due to the clearness of the water.


Yazih Kaya: A diving point of 3m to 30-32m in depth on the open sea side of Yıldız Island.


Baca Cave: Most famous cave in Marmaris, definitely attracting the attention of underwater photographers.


Aksu Bay: On the open sea side of Yıldız Island, the color changes to dark blue when diving deeper which excites divers. This diving point is good for training dives, experienced divers and for those who stay on the boat and don’t wish to dive but simply enjoy the magnificent scenery and relax.


Kütük Burnu: 0 to 52 m in depth, is very convenient for wall diving. A fascinating bottom may tempt divers to go beyond limits. Divers should be careful at this point.


Kadırga Bay: Located at the furthest point to Marmaris, at the rocks opposite Kadırga Lighthouse. It has a beautiful Reef 0 to 38-40m in depth