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Cleopatra's Swimming Pool

Cleopatra's Swimming Pool

Hierapolis Amphitheatre

Gate to Hell - also known as HADES Gate


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A passage where nature truly meets history.

Pamukkale with cotton-look terraces is one of top charming and a precious place in the world . The dazzling white calcite cliff of Pamukkale was created by calcium deposits from the area’s hot springs. In the same way that stalactites form within limestone caves, the deposits grow on the steep slopes, gradually fanning out to form natural terraces. Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle,” and the blinding white color of these travertines do look like a bizarre natural fortress of sorts. The best way to sightseeing here is to walk from the base of the calcite mountain up the entire cliff ridge. The terraces at the upper levels hold pools of water, which you can sit in.


An abundance of underground water that gave life to the ancient city of Hierapolis once, has gradually carved massive cotton castles by depositing calcium salts at this place over the years.


In 1988 Pamukkale and Hierapolis have been registered in Unesco World Heritage list. The local authorities took essential precautions to safeguard this natural wonder for tourists can enjoy in this place. To maintain the pristine white color of the travertine and avoid any damage to them, it has been allowed to walk only barefoot on certain areas since 1997.


Cleopatra Swimming Pool

Situated above the Pamukkale white travertine pools and fed by the same hot springs. Here you can bath in the same waters in which Queen Cleopatra once swam!  A professionally run modern SPA facility allows you to enjoy these historical healing waters.


Health Benefits

Thanks to health benefits Pamukkale is considered a natural health SPA for the visitors. According to many, the water provides cure against asthma and rheumatism. Additionally, the water brings benefits to the skin, eyes, helps recover from high blood pressure, kidney stones, rickets, stroke, physical exhaustion, circulatory issues, digestive maladies, nervous, vascular diseases, chronic disorders and nutritional disorders.



Hierapolis flourished, reaching its peak in the second and third centuries A.D. under the rule of the Roman Empire. However, the city was destroyed by an earthquake in A.D. 60 and later rebuilt. The ruins of the Greco-Roman period include remnants of baths, temples, a monumental arch, a nymphaeum, a necropolis and a theater. Following the acceptance of Christianity by the Emperor Constantine and his establishment of Constantinople as the “New Rome” in A.D. 330, the town was converted into a bishopric. As the place of St. Philip’s martyrdom in A.D. 80, commemorated by his martyrium building in the fifth century, Hierapolis with its several churches became an important religious center for the eastern Roman Empire.


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Not recommended our guests with walking difficulties. Keep some snacks with you as its is a long day.


Included in the price:

  • Transfer from the hotel and back

  • Open Buffet Breakfast (Typical Turkish breakfast with (boiled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, different kinds of olives, butter, honey, different kinds of jams and fresh Turkish bread)

  • Open Buffet Lunch (10 different kinds of cold starter plus a large range variety of main course options where you can find also some vegetarian food.)

  • Full Insurance

  • English speaker crew


Excluded Price:

  • Cleopatra’s swimming pool enterance fee

  • Drinks


You must bring;

  • Swimsuit

  • Towel

  • Sun Cream

  • Money  for personal expenditures

  • Hat


Journey to Pamukkale takes 2.5 - 3 hours. While our comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles on highways, you can sleep or enjoy the  journey along with the scenic beauty of countryside Turkey.


Pick up from hotels at 6:45

Breakfast in Muğla

Passing through Hierapolis Ancient City

Free time in Pamukkale travertines

Lunch at the restaurant

Cleopatra Swimming Pool

Return to Marmaris

Drop Back to hotels at 19:30

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