Towns nearby Marmaris

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İçmeler, developing as a the fact that İçmeler, which is situated on the skirts of pine patterned mountains, is only 8 kilometres away from Marmaris is one of its advantages. You can easily arrive at Marmaris with public service vehicles that serve at frequent intervals around the clock or with taxis anytime you want. When you leave Marmaris behind among the pinewoods, the green of mountains again covered with pinewoods and the blue of the sea kissing the yellow beach welcome you. That beach is one of the rare beaches where you can watch the sunrise with all its glory after a beautiful night. Memorable holiday paradise with its blue flag brilliant sea, unique beach, luxurious and moderate rest areas, restaurants, pubs, and shopping opportunities. Small cosy place, population is only 6000.



Armutalan, a calm and peaceful paradise on the skirts of the mighty pinewood covered mountains. Besides its modern development including many rest areas, restaurants, playgrounds and playfields and entertainment venues. Armutalan offers affordable accommodation facilities to the vacationers. Many star hotels, apart-hotels, restaurants and bars here constitute different options for your holiday. Armutalan is one of the numbered holiday resorts suitable for people who are fed up with the city life and noise and who want to have a calm holiday. Besides the fast developing modern buildings in the recent years, there are also country houses with wide gardens maintaining their rural life in Armutalan. A part of native population earns their keep from beekeeping. There is also rocky area for those who like rock climbing.



This is and old fishing village 21km (13miles) far from Marmaris. Turunç is one of the more popular stopping points for blue cruises. Village life and modern tourism and history and nature are nested in this paradise because Turunç is very rich in terms of both history and nature. You will witness the unique sunrise and silvery moonlight reflecting on the sea in this natural wonder town. You will feel your yourself as if you were in paradise in Turunç where you will meet all tones of green and blue in peace. Gentle waves shelve against pebbly patches, while gorgeous wooden boats sit still by the harbour. It’s not just about the Blue Flag greatness in these parts. At the shops in Turunç, you can buy charming handmade souvenirs, gifts.



Köyceğiz still classifies as an authentic Turkish holiday destination. he town of Köyceğiz lies at the northern end of a lake of the same name (Köyceğiz Lake) which is joined to the Mediterranean Sea by a natural channel called Dalyan Delta. Its unique environment is being preserved as a nature and wildlife sanctuary.  Its lakeside setting makes the village attractive for people wanting to spend the day at the waterside, enjoying the splendid views and the serenity this place has to offer. Since Köyceğiz is mostly a destination chosen by Turkish families, prices are still very moderate. The Dalyan Delta, with a long, golden sandy beach at its mouth, is a nature conservation area and a refuge for rare loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta Caretta) and blue crabs.



Akyaka is Turkey’s seaside secret, coastal township, famous for its authentic houses, unique holiday paradise in the Aegean province of Mugla, awaits visitors who want to spend a relaxing holiday, eating natural foods in a green environment. Also offers many extreme sports with advantages of its location and geography . There are absolutely some activities to do in each season. Such as windsurfing, sea kayaking, biking, kitesurfing, rock climbing, sailing, paragliding. Azmak river surrounded by fragrant eucalyptus trees ducks and geese jostle for bread, dark shoals of fish swim past and bright green waterweed waves in the slow-moving water, which is fed by icy springs. There are also a number of excellent fish restaurants on the river, and a small village centre with more restaurants and a few shops. Population is about 2,500.