Marmaris Nights

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Bar Street

The street itself is narrow but full of lively nightclubs at least one of which will be reach out to your type of music. The prices for drinks on this street are a bit higher compared to most other bars in Marmaris. The clubs are free of charge for entry, unless theres a party or occasion taking place in which a ticket is needed. Heading towards the Bar Street, the lively party atmosphere will make you lose track of time and take you into the early hours of the morning. Locations on this street are usually open untill 4am. There will be foam parties, concerts, special events so on.


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Güzel Yalı

The longest Street in Marmaris, Güzelyalı Street, is quite busy and an entertaining place for summer night walks. Restaurants, little stands on which handicrafts are displayed, discos and bars all along the Street will attract your attention. The path alongside the coast between the city center and İçmeler is abundant with restaurants, discos, and bars which come to life early in the evenings. Wooden piers stretching into the sea serve as a sundeck by day and turn into food and entertainment areas by night. These are referred to as beach bars.