Getting Around

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The Dolmus

These are mini-busses that follow set routes about the town; These usually cost around 3Liras and bus stops are found throughout main roads. They are numerous, cheap and simple to use. Each route has a different colour scheme (white with orange or blue stripes for example) and the destination and fare are displayed on the front of the vehicle. The fare will vary from route to route but remains the same no matter what the length of your journey. If you travel 100 yards you will pay the same as you would traveling the full length of the route.

Whilst there are set stops, the drivers will usually stop anywhere to pick up and drop of a fare. All you do is stand by the road and flag them down. Once on board you can either pay immediately or at the end of the journey, by just passing your change forward to the driver. Try to give the exact fare if you can and do not try to give the driver large notes as he will have limited change. When you see your destination approaching just shout out to the driver.




Taxis are also relatively cheap and plentiful. They are easy to spot being bright yellow. There are taxi ranks near most of the big hotels, restaurants and supermarkets. At these ranks there will be a board with the basic prices for many of the regular journeys. Make sure that the driver switches on the meter in the cab as he is legally obliged to do so. The tarrifs changes from day to night. Taxis can be called by hotel receptions.



Water Taxi

They run from the Ataturk Statue area in Marmaris to Icmeler and Turunc. Some of them also stop at the jetties in front of some of the hotels. Whilst these are more expensive than the dolmus and take longer than regular taxis, they are great fun, being as they are, a mini boat trip! You get more room and fresh air than in the other forms of transport.


Air Transportation

The closest airport is Dalaman Airport (90kms). Bodrum-Milas Airport is at a distance of 140 kms. There are buses from the airport to Marmaris. Taxis are another choice. Airline companies (domestic) There are many charter companies flying to Dalaman. Besides chartered flights made by Turkish companies like Atlas Jet, Onur Air, Sky Airlines, Pegasus, there are also dozens of foreign tour companies offering charter flights into Dalaman. For more information on charter flights:

Dalaman Airport:0252 7925291

Bodrum Airport :0252 5230129



İçmeler: 10 km

Turunç: 21 km

Orhaniye: 30 km

Gökova: 32 km

Kumlubük: 24 km

Selimiye: 50 km

Bozburun: 60 km

Söğüt: 60 km

Muğla: 56 km

Bodrum: 173 km

Dalaman: 88 km

Ula: 41 km

Datça: 75 km

Köyceğiz: 57 km

Karacasöğüt: 35 km

Çamlı: 25 km