Archaic age settlements

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There are signs of settlement in the area from BC 3400. Remains of this important port town of the Archaic Caria region come into sight at Asar Hill, north of Marmaris City centre.

Loryma (Bozukkale)

Established in the Bozuk Bay, which is located at the southwest edge of the Bozburun Peninsula the most impressive remains of the building spread over a wide area which overlooks the bay are the well preserved castle in Burunbaflı at the entrance of the bay. The best way to arrive at the bay and the remains is by boat. The Port of Bozukkale is an important stopping point for blue voyage boats. It is quite difficult to get there by land.

Kedrai (Sedir Island)

Island in the Gökova Gulf is well known for the antique Kedrai city and the famous Cleopatra Beach. Kedrai was a Carian city until it was connected to Rhodes. Kedrai, being the most important settlement centre of the opposite side (Karflıyaka) of Rhodes was surrounded by city walls. While the tower and the city walls could be seen at the shore, the Apollo Temple in Doric style which is located in the middle of the city now preserves only the foundation. At the east of the city there are some building remains, Agora and the theatre which seem to be in good condition facing the north of the city.


Theatre, temple and some statue pedestals of the antique settlement centre located on a hill at the northwest of Kumlubük Bay, close to Turunç can be seen. The city was surrounded by walls. The theatre is still in good condition. It is possible to recognize the seats, side walls and three rooms of the stage house.


Established in the Selimiye Bay (Kamıfllı Bay) located at the north of the Bozburun Peninsula. Remains of the city walls and a square tomb can be seen. There is an observation tower and a few tombs on the tower at the shore 3 km away from Hydas.


The Orhaniye Village today is established on the slopes of the hill where the remains are found. The remains of the city walls can be seen in a wide area in the forest. There are castle remains on a small island in the Orhaniye Bay.

Phoinix (Taflıca)

The remains of Phoinix, a Carian City, is on and around Asar Hill 4kms outside Tafllıca. Somewhere in the middle between Tafllıca and Asar Hill agora of the city, climbing up the hill, remains of a building and later the necropolis (cemetery) of the city can be seen. The acropolis of the city is on Asar Hill. Rather than the remains on the hill, the view overlooking the area is more attractive.

Euthenna ve Amnistos (Karacasöğüt)

Authenna is a small Rhodes town. The remains are at Altınsivri Hill, around 2 kms southeast of Söğüt Village. As you get closer to the hill and the city necropolis, you will see rock tombs and cisterns. Amnistos remains are on a promontory close to Söğüt. Some wall remains and the old port walls at the shoreline still exist today from the old city.